Anglian Water selects Jacobs for asset management consulting

May 5, 2023
Jacobs will provide a range of technical consulting services for Anglian Water’s digital and physical assets.

Engineering services company Jacobs announced that it has been selected by Anglian Water to provide asset management consulting services.

Jacobs will join Anglian Water's Asset Management Specialist Consultancy Framework to provide a range of technical consulting services across the company's digital and physical assets portfolio.

Supplying services to almost seven million people, Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. It serves one of the driest regions in the U.K., and a quarter of the region lies below sea level presenting greater flood risk.

Jacobs will provide consulting services across strategic advisory and regulatory needs, asset management and a wide range of modeling and optimization across Anglian Water's water and water recycling portfolio, helping it to manage climate response, and improve reliability and performance.

"Increasingly, we're leveraging data analytics and technology to provide greater strategic insight into asset performance and management for clients across diverse industries including the water sector," said Kate Kenny, Jacobs’s senior vice president of Europe for People & Places Solutions. "Through this new framework, we are helping Anglian Water to optimize digital enablement — ultimately to support its priorities for secure, clean water supply, operational resilience and positive environmental and societal impacts."

Jacobs is also currently supporting Anglian Water on its Strategic Pipeline Alliance to improve water distribution flexibility and resilience to drought risks, and on its strategic resource options reservoir development program to provide long term security of supply.