Princeton gets AC variable speed drive for chilled water plant

June 29, 2005
Princeton Power Systems delivers advanced AC-link clean power unit for university facility that provides chilled water to cool 87 campus buildings. This is the first commercial installation of Princeton Power's VSD, which follows several successful military installations of the AC-link technology. Drive improves efficiency, reduces costs and increases reliability...

PRINCETON, NJ, June 28, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Princeton Power Systems, a developer of AC-linkTM technology for advanced electrical power conversion and conditioning, has installed a 75 horsepower AC-link Clean Power Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in the chilled water plant at Princeton University. The plant provides chilled water to cool 87 campus buildings. This is the first commercial installation of Princeton Power's VSD, which follows several successful military installations of the AC-link technology.

"Princeton Power's AC-link Clean Power VSD is extremely reliable and efficient," stated Lee Stryker, an electrical technician in the Department of Engineering and Construction at Princeton University. "The VSD has delivered significant improvements in harmonic distortion and dV/dt as compared to our current variable speed drives. The AC-link drive was the only one whose input current harmonic distortion levels were below the stringent levels set by IEEE 519-1992, at all speeds. Maximum and average dv/dt was also significantly lower than the other installed drives. This was accomplished without the use of any input or output filtering devices, which substantially reduced our costs. We're so pleased with the performance of both Princeton Power Systems and its technology that we have contracted for another installation later this year."

"The AC-link Clean Power VSD at Princeton's chilled water plant has been operating almost continually, since April, with no problems," noted Darren Hammell, president and CEO of Princeton Power Systems. "The implementation has exceeded all expectations. The next version of our drive will incorporate more advanced motor control algorithms, which should deliver even further improvement in harmonic and dV/dt levels. As a result, our drives will continue to yield greatly increased motor reliability, compatibility with all motor insulation types and high efficiency."

The AC-link Clean Power VSD is inexpensive, reliable and creates high quality electricity, which significantly minimizes damage to industrial motors and facilities. Princeton Power's VSD uses advanced digital control and patented energy efficient technologies to produce clean power voltage and current waveforms on both the inputs and outputs. The Princeton Power VSD offers efficiency gains of 30% and cost reductions of 30-50%.

The VSD is available in 30 - 100hp at 480VAC, features bi-directional operation, dV/dt less than 5 v/us, reliable, rugged design, unlimited installation distance and IEEE-519-1992 compliance for current and voltage distortion. All drives come standard with a 5-button and scroll-wheel keypad and display, and a Windows-based user interface that allows easy access to and manipulation of drive functions, as well as easy configuration of drive parameters. Contact Princeton Power Systems for volume pricing information.

Princeton Power Systems is developing advanced power conversion technologies, including AC-link, a patented control method that provides a more reliable and cost-effective means for converting electric power cleanly and efficiently. This technology can be used in the industrial motor control, renewable electricity and distributed power generation markets, and will reduce industrial energy consumption, lower peak electric usage, and provide clean, renewable energy sources at a much lower cost than existing power conversion technologies.

Princeton Power's ( core products include motor controllers, wind turbine converters, and grid-tied inverters. AC-link uses simpler, more reliable components and incorporates advanced algorithms for controlling various aspects of the electric power, which allows the use of less- complex, less expensive hardware to achieve precision power control. This makes AC-link devices rugged, reliable and cost-effective, and yields high-quality power waveforms.


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