Parlier, CA, wastewater treatment plant gets solar energy

Sept. 19, 2011
A three-acre solar energy park has been completed for the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Parlier, California...

DENVER, CO, Sept. 19, 2011 -- A three-acre solar energy park has been completed for the municipal plant in Parlier, California. Solar developer Enfinity developed and financed the installation. Conergy's Solar Large Projects Group provided solar EPC and O&M services, along with a bankable warranty wrap and guarantees needed for structured financing.

Using Conergy's P-235 solar modules, the solar park will annually produce 984,529 kWh of clean solar energy - equivalent to reducing CO2 levels by 646,682 pounds per year.

Facing the same financial challenges as many municipalities across the USA, the City of Parlier chose its wastewater treatment plant as the most suitable location for a solar energy installation. The objective was to establish a viable source of renewable energy to help decrease the city's high electricity costs. Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) financing structure, the system will offset the city's electricity costs by $7 million over the life of the contract.

"In the City of Parlier, we appreciate the efficiency of working with Conergy/Enfinity in the planning and development of our Wastewater Treatment Facility Solar Project," said Lou Martinez, Parlier's City Manager. He continued, "The City of Parlier is a historically agriculture-based economy and the use of Solar is a sensible and financially logical solution in these trying economic times. Other neighboring cities are paying attention to our project and we are pleased to demonstrate an assured confidence as plans have progressed."

Enfinity Americas CEO Rafael Dobrzynski commented, "This project is yet another example of how municipalities can benefit from making solar energy plants part of their existing infrastructure. The pay-off is clear; predictable, long-term electricity rates without having to incur capital costs for the installation. It's a highly effective model."