Emerald Cities Project exemplifies sustainable community development, including water treatment

May 17, 2009
Nations Trust Ltd. (NTL) announces the launch of the Emerald Cities Project as a turnkey solution for rapid sustainable community development...

LONDON, UK, May 17, 2009 -- Nations Trust Ltd. (NTL) announces the launch of the Emerald Cities Project as a turnkey solution for rapid sustainable community development. The Emerald Cities Project is a direct response to the urgency for community developers to make a "paradigm shift" to sustainable infrastructure and energy efficient projects. "Many developers today are simply out their league," comments US Project Director, Sheri Roese. "In most countries where NTL is financing projects, developers talk about 'going green' but sadly few really know what to do or how to do it."

The vision of the Emerald Cities Project is a "turnkey model city" combining (Phase I) Sustainable infrastructure including solar power, wind power, waste to energy, water treatment, hybrid public transportation and solar Wi-Fi City-Net and other key technologies into city planning; (Phase II) Residential and commercial architecture aligned with new construction by design; and introducing energy efficient "dome roofed" homes and disaster proof "superdome" structures for commercial applications; (Phase III) Also under development are sustainable community economic models including agro/food production, recycling, energy production, alternative healthcare, with special emphasis on revival of indigenous cottage industries to support local economies.

Emerald Cities International Ltd., an offshore corporation, has authorized 1,000,000 shares for participation of qualified investors and technology partners. "We have a short list of top technology companies eager to participate in this venture, with several MOU's already in place," remarks Ed Doyle, Director of Nations Technology Trust Ltd. "We are seeking global partners with state of the art renewable technologies to team with our efforts and to help guide this process, so we can do it right the first time."

The concept of the Emerald Cities Project is an idea whose time has come. "Even qualified developers must now also demonstrate efficacy of sustainable design to obtain project financing," says John Curran, London Director. "Our Master Plan will provide this efficacy, and is precisely what our international banks and underwriters are eager to fund." The Emerald Cities Master Plan will be marketed as a "franchise" to developers worldwide together with Nations Trust's "Risk Mitigation Structured Finance" (2001) tailored to the developer's specific project.

Furthering this mission, NTL has initiated the Emerald Cities Private Development Fund ("Emerald Cities Fund") and is seeking socially responsible investors, sponsors, and benefactors to assist with ground floor development costs. The "Emerald Cities Fund" is targeting an initial $10M by September 2009 to begin feasibilities for the Phase I infrastructure model. The Emerald Cities Fund will be managed by Nations Trust Ltd. through Societe Generale Private Banking.

In conclusion, Emerald Cities International Ltd. is offering a unique opportunity for investment, and equity participation in long term energy production and carbon credits through licensing and management of Emerald Cities Projects. But more importantly, beyond the haze of the creeping urban decline we all live with in today's world, the Emerald Cities Project rises as a new vision on the horizon, and holds the promise of hope for what may well be sparkling new cities of our children's future.

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