Biogas sweetening systems from Biorem to purify biogas for renewable energy generation

June 2, 2010
GUELPH, ON, Canada, June 2, 2010 -- Biorem has received two orders for biogas sweetening systems in North America...

GUELPH, ON, Canada, June 2, 2010 -- Biorem Inc. today announced that it has received two orders for biogas sweetening systems in North America. The sweetening systems will use Biorem's proprietary low energy biological technologies to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from raw biogas, enhancing its value for use in renewable energy generation. One of the systems will purify biogas captured from a landfill site while the other will purify biogas generated from the anaerobic digesters of a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The biogas sweetening systems will be installed and operating this year.

"These orders highlight the progress of Biorem's expansion into the renewable energy market and showcase the potential for our proprietary biological-based systems to significantly enhance biogas recovery," said Peter Bruijns, President and CEO. "While biogas can be generated from a variety of sources, it often contains impurities which must be removed. Using energy intensive solutions or chemical processes to purify biogas counteracts the value of biogas as a renewable energy source. As such, we expect our low-energy biologically-based systems will become recognized as an essential and economical component in biogas generation."

As previously announced, in addition to its established leadership position in the odor control market, Biorem is concentrating on two new major market segments: renewable energy (biogas purification) and treating emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These two combined markets are estimated to be $425 million annually in North America, and will also provide significant opportunities in China where Biorem also operates.

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