AMWA unveils strategic plan for 2023-2025

Jan. 18, 2024
The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies plans to improve its advocacy initiatives, knowledge sharing platforms and dues strategy.

The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) has released its strategic plan for 2023-2025, outlining the association’s key objectives for the next two years.

AMWA serves the county’s largest publicly owned drinking water systems serving populations of over 100,000. The association’s comprehensive plan was approved by the AMWA Board of Directors during its 2023 Executive Management Conference.

AMWA says that it will continue to advocate broadly on behalf of the water sector, focusing primarily on improving advocacy efforts and enhancing programmatic offerings for its members.

"This strategic plan marks a pivotal moment for AMWA, reflecting our unwavering commitment to our members and the future of the water sector," stated AMWA CEO Tom Dobbins. "We are dedicated to advancing advocacy, fostering knowledge sharing, and fortifying our organizational capabilities to drive impactful change within the sector."

The strategic plan centers on the following key pillars:

  • Enhanced Advocacy:
    The association plans to improve its advocacy initiatives, bolstering its efficiency and effectiveness in driving legislative and regulatory measures.

  • Upgrade Knowledge Sharing:
    AMWA aims to enhancing its knowledge sharing platforms to ensure high engagement, strong performing offerings.

  • Dues Strategy & Organizational Capabilities:
    The association also plans to optimize its dues strategy and organizational capabilities to ensure both member satisfaction and organizational financial strength.

Look at a two-page snapshot of AMWA’s strategic plan on the association’s website.