Intelligent water metering management and more with eSIM security

Jan. 23, 2024
How Kigen is helping customers in the metering industry to future-proof deployments and chart new priorities.

Kigen provides water meter manufacturers with unique eSIM solutions that simplify manufacturing and provide end-to-end security that their communities can trust, helping customers in the metering industry to future-proof deployments and chart new priorities in the digitalization of our water world.

ODMs and OEMs are turning to more intelligent metering and gateway systems, enabled by cellular low power wide area (LPWA) network connectivity, to improve billing accuracy and reduce water losses.

However, the long service life of smart metering infrastructure may require switching network profiles during operating life. Devices must operate effectively on a single battery charge for at least ten years. Many utilities would not prefer to download the first profile in the field due to the potential reduction in battery life.

Kigen’s eUICC OS is the world’s smallest code-size GSMA-compliant software stack for eSIMs technology, available in various sizes, corrosion and environmental protection, and packaging options. Further, iSIM technology can inherently achieve a far more compact device footprint — up to 98% smaller than eSIM.

Kigen is the choice of leading metering solutions in energy, such as Iskrameco, and brings expertise and learning from supporting leading ecosystems in adopting eSIM solutions, such as EnergyWeb. To uniquely address the needs of scaled IoT manufacturing, Kigen offers multiple approaches to embedding connectivity directly in the factory ahead of roll out, thus  maximizing battery life.

Our connectivity ecosystem is backed by all major operators and leading IoT MVNOs across all key regions, offering terrestrial coverage in up to 200 countries. In our partnership with Skylo, an satellite NTN operator, smart water actors can benefit from a smooth transition between cellular and satellite connectivity. The combination is attractive for deployments that require continuous coverage.

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