There was never THC in the water: Colo Sherrif's office

July 25, 2016
Scientists with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation determined that water samples were negative for THC.

HUGO, CO, JULY 25, 2016 -- CNN is reporting that lab testing of the water supply in a small Colorado town has determined that there is no THC in the water supply. The active and psychoactive ingredient in marijuana was thought to be present in testing last week, prompting city officials to issue a warning to residents not to drink, cook, or bathe in the water until further testing had been done.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was called to collect samples for laboratory tests after a company, administering drug tests of its employees, tested the tap water for a control sample, and noticed some interesting results. Investigators lifted the ban on tap water two days after initiating it, following an investigation and further testing of the water supply.

It is now believed that the original field tests were false, and that THC was never present in the town's water supply.

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Colorado towns water tainted with THC