MBR technology to help UK food producer reuse wastewater

Aquabio is constructing a plant for food company Bakkavor that will use MBR technology to help recycle wastewater...

Content Dam Ww Online Articles 2016 03 Aqua Food

Content Dam Ww Online Articles 2016 03 Aqua Food

LINCOLNSHIRE, UK - Food manufacturer Bakkavor has appointed wastewater treatment specialist Aquabio to design and construct an effluent treatment and water recycling facility at its Cucina Sano business based in Lincolnshire, UK.

Construction has started and is expected to take 10 months.

The plant will incorporate additional treatment to produce high grade potable water quality for reuse within the facility, using Aquabio's AMBR LE™ Low Energy Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology.

The forthcoming plant has already received a certificate of Environmental Benefit from Defra under the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) Scheme for Water Efficient Technologies, within the category of “wastewaterrecovery and reuse systems”.

The ECA Scheme for Water Efficient Technologies is aimed at businesses which use energy efficiency, reduce water use or improve water quality.

Steve Goodwin, managing director of Aquabio said: "The new plant will recycle over 80% of treated effluent to potable water and thus significantly reduce both water consumption and wastewater discharge volumes.”


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