WaterWorld Video News Update eNL - Feb 1st, 2024
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February 1, 2024
A history of EPA's proposed PFAS regulation, when it will be finalized and how it will affect the nation's water utilities.
Tiffany Tran talks about drought communication as detailed in the AWWA guidebook “Designing and Evaluating Effective and Ongoing Drought Communication.”
Henry Croll, a researcher in the Stantec Institute for Water Technology & Policy, discusses recent cost analysis of the effects of PFAS on wastewater management.
In this QuickChat video Mandy Crispin (editor-in-chief of WaterWorld) and Chris MacNeel (Chief Operating Officer of Freya Systems) discuss AI.
In this video Bob Crossen (Group Editorial Director for WaterWorld) and Laura Sproule, P.Eng. (Product Management for Mueller) discuss the Lead And Copper Rule Revisions Act (LCRR).
Technologies now exist to recover resources from wastewater such as ammonium sulfate. But how does it actually work and what challenges does it present?
EMWD uses 100% of its desalinated water.