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  • Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2022

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    Water Utility Management

    Preparation is Key

    Feb. 8, 2022
    Welcome to the February issue of WaterWorld magazine. As we put this issue together, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partners announced a plan to help protect...
    Photo by Art Wager, Getty Images.
    Winter storm Uri brought a dangerous mix of snow, freezing rain, and ice to the Lone Star state, along with unprecedented frigid temperatures that lasted a few days.
    Smart Water Utility

    Smart Water Weathers the Storm

    Feb. 8, 2022
    Thanks to smart water technology, Texas utilities were able deliver a rapid, resilient response during a major winter storm.
    Photos courtesy H2M.
    Atlantic City Municipal Utility Authority, like many other suppliers, was challenged to meet new PFAS regulations in N.J.

    Science and Ingenuity Tackle Emerging Contaminants

    Feb. 8, 2022
    Many states in the Northeast are developing their own approaches to emerging contaminants — and drinking water suppliers need to adjust quickly.
    Photos courtesy CST Wastewater Solutions.
    On Lord Howe Island, CST Wastewater Solutions’ screen compactor pre-screens effluent before wastewater is pumped to the polymer dosage tank.

    Keeping Biosolids Dry for Composting

    Feb. 8, 2022
    In the South Pacific, Lord Howe Island upgrades its sludge management for future composting.
    Photo courtesy Superior Signal Company LLC.
    The Superior® 5E Electric Smoker can smoke test an entire system in just a few minutes.

    Smoke Testing for Leak and Odor Detection

    The Superior® 5E Electric Smoker gently pushes smoke throughout a system to help identify cracks, leaks, and odors.
    Photos courtesy Kelly Serrano, CGRS.
    The City of Longmont, Colo., converts biogas from its wastewater treatment plant to renewable natural gas.
    Water Reuse

    Waste to Biogas

    Feb. 8, 2022
    Two years ago, the City of Longmont, Colo. began turning its waste into renewable natural gas. Now, it saves $300,000 annually in vehicle fuel costs.

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    Water Utility Management

    WWEMA’s Economic Outlook for 2022

    Feb. 8, 2022
    By now, I think it is safe to say that there is no “magic bullet” to end the COVID-19 pandemic. While many may have thought over the last two years that there would be a day we...