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  • Volume 38, Issue 7, July/August 2022

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    Water Utility Management

    Charting the Next Course

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Welcome to the July/August 2022 issue of WaterWorld magazine.
    Photo by Jeremy Kemp.
    After eight years of planning, two years of construction, and $71 million, Pure Water Oceanside is now able to produce 3–4.5 million gallons of water daily.
    Water Reuse

    Practical, Pure, Potable

    Aug. 1, 2022
    The City of Oceanside’s indirect potable reuse facility is the first in San Diego County and a huge step for water independence in the area.
    Photos courtesy Esri.
    Mobile workers capture storm and sewer assets in ArcGIS Field Maps paired with an Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver. Supporting media such as photos helps create a complete digital twin of the city’s storm and sewer systems.
    Asset Management

    Ditching Paper Maps for Digital Apps

    Aug. 1, 2022
    The City of Rahway streamlines information requests and mapping exercises with digital GIS, data collection services from Esri.
    Photo courtesy Myron L® Company.
    Myron L® Company’s Ultrameter II 6PFCE.

    In-Situ Water Quality Analysis

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Myron L® Company’s Ultrameter II 6PFCE provides a comprehensive suite of in-situ water quality analysis tools that are designed to replace more costly and less convenient laboratory...
    Photos courtesy Kasco.
    One of two water tanks in Searcy, Ark., is a 300,000-standpipe that is 125 feet tall. Its mixer is powered by a solar grid which converts to AC power and operates the mixer.

    Mixing Things Up

    Aug. 1, 2022
    The city of Searcy, Ark. looks to replace two failing active water tank mixers.
    Photos courtesy SUEZ North America.
    Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) has elevated the capabilities of metering systems, but the investment of a major system upgrade to AMI has been cost-prohibitive to all but the largest water utilities.
    Smart Water Utility

    New Meter Management

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Metering Asset Management helps the Town of Pembroke, N.C. implement advanced metering infrastructure over time.

    More content from Volume 38, Issue 7, July/August 2022

    Photos courtesy Lone Star Drills.
    To drill shallow wells and provide a water source for communities in Uganda, teams use special equipment, including the LST1 water well drill from Lone Star Drills.

    Drilling Deep to Make an Impact

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Over 265 water wells have been built in Uganda with a single water well drill.
    Photo courtesy Myron L® Company.
    Myron L® Company’s pocket water quality testers offer the accuracy of a benchtop lab in a wireless, handheld instrument.
    Potable Water Quality

    Pocket Water Quality Testers

    Aug. 1, 2022
    The ULTRAPEN™ PT™ and PTBT™ Series Back Pocket Testers feature simultaneous measurement of temperature and one critical parameter within wireless handheld instruments.
    Photo 2997768 © James Group Studios, Inc. | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xl 299776
    Water Utility Management

    Passing the Torch

    Aug. 1, 2022
    As a new generation of workers approach, water industry professionals have the opportunity to transform the industry in positive ways.
    Photos courtesy Romtec Utilities.
    The Town of Samoa’s extensive infrastructure revitalization efforts included a new package booster pump station for potable water distribution.

    Timber Town Progress

    Aug. 1, 2022
    Historic Northern California lumber town invests in a new potable water system to meet the needs of future growth and continued revitalization.