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  • Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2023
  • Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2023

    Drinking Water

    New year, new opportunities

    Jan. 24, 2023
    The dawn of a new year signals new opportunities.
    Photo 27557630 © Marcin Chodorowski | Dreamstime.com
    The next year for water will be influenced by regulatory changes, supply and market volatility, and shifting demand patterns.
    Infrastructure Funding

    The outlook for water in 2023

    Jan. 24, 2023
    Bolstered by strengthening tailwinds, the outlook for investment and participation in the water sector for 2023 is bright.
    Photos courtesy SL Environmental Law Group.
    To treat TCP, a liquid-phase granular activated carbon system at Sunny Slope Water Company now purifies water from the Raymond Basin wells.
    Potable Water Quality

    California water company shifts TCP cleanup costs to polluters

    Jan. 24, 2023
    When Sunny Slope Water Company needed to implement a liquid-phase granular activated carbon system for $2 million, it made sure that cleanup costs wouldn’t fall upon customers...
    Photos courtesy ABB.
    Measurement instruments can not only assess water quality throughout treatment but also provide essential information on the efficiency of the treatment process itself.
    Asset Management

    Predictive maintenance can help save money, safeguard assets

    Jan. 24, 2023
    Using the latest instruments to allow for data-driven decisions, predictive maintenance can help keep treatment processes at optimum performance and efficiency.
    Photo courtesy Collins Instrument Company.
    The Collins flanged plastic control valves come in a variety trim-sizes and configurations to handle corrosive liquids.

    Plastic Control Valves Handle Corrosive Chemicals

    The Collins 2” plastic control valves are specially designed for corrosive chemicals like acids, bleach, and chlorine.
    Photo courtesy Union County, North Carolina.
    Floating barges assist in the construction of Union County’s new water intake on Lake Tillery in Norwood, N.C.

    Union County meets demand with new water source

    Jan. 24, 2023
    The North Carolina County has begun construction on the Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project after 15 years of collaboration and planning.

    More content from Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2023

    Images courtesy Aptumo.
    Today’s consumers often expect a user experience that’s similar to online shopping: easy, quick, and accessible from wherever they happen to be.
    Water Utility Management

    Digitalized billing can improve customer experiences

    Jan. 24, 2023
    Australian utility Coliban Water implements a digital billing platform to enhance its customer service.
    Customer complaints were caused by cyanobacteria in Lake Howell, which produced the nontoxic compounds geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol (MIB).

    Utility eliminates taste, odor issues in drinking water

    Jan. 24, 2023
    A South Carolina utility finds that an ozone advanced oxidation treatment system and water treatment plant upgrade were a cost-effective solution to its taste and odor issues....