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  • November/December 2022
  • November/December 2022

    Photo 17269043 © Xdrew | Dreamstime.com
    Across the United States, policymakers have largely focused on two major drinking water contaminants: lead & PFAS.

    Legislative Trends for the Water Treatment Industry

    Nov. 29, 2022
    The Water Quality Association (WQA) is tracking more than 300 pieces of legislation, up almost 30% compared to 2021.
    Tom Duisterhof
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    Top Dealers 2022

    Nov. 29, 2022
    Throughout the year, WQP highlighted numerous dealerships in the industry. Get to know the 2022 dealerships in this recap.
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    Why 2022 was 'the Year of Water'

    Nov. 29, 2022
    Various federal regulations implemented at the end of 2021 and in 2022 are putting water in a historical spot.
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    Jumping into 2023

    Nov. 29, 2022
    The end of the year always brings about a time of reflection. As part of this, WQP always gauges what the challenges and successes were of the year in its annual State of the ...
    Photo 23023639 © Sergey Novikov | Dreamstime.com
    Some water reuse technologies include membrane biological reactor, microfiltration or ultrafiltration solutions, reverse osmosis systems and more.

    Advancing Water Reuse Systems

    Nov. 29, 2022
    Due to advancements in the water purification field, multiple processes are being used in water reuse systems.
    Shel Mb Cartridges


    Nov. 29, 2022
    Shelco Filters nominal rated melt-blown depth cartridges are constructed of 100% polypropylene, without additives or surfactants, to remove the risk of foaming to the filtrate...

    More content from November/December 2022

    Photo 36804029 © Andreea Florian | Dreamstime.com
    Half of American households report that they rely on either a water treatment system or bottled water for quality drinking water in their homes.

    Building Your Business with a Cornerstone of Trust

    In turbulent times, consumer trust is paramount. And it is easier to lose customers than it is to get them. Today’s unstable economy, fluctuating interest rates and ongoing pandemic...

    Pressurized Jerry Can

    Aug. 19, 2022
    The pressurized Jerry Can was created to provide high quality water quickly and efficiently. It's internal filtration system along with a hand pump make it easy to filter large...
    Ketos Shield 1


    Aug. 19, 2022
    KETOS SHIELD can monitor for total ammonia nitrogen in water in real-time, all while lowering up-front costs via a $0-CAPEX subscription model. Monitoring the concentration of...

    United Filters String Wound Cartridges

    UPDN Series, tested and certified to the ANSI/NSF 42/61 standard. These cartridges will not impart unwanted leached materials into the downstream flow. Nominal micron ratings ...
    Product Background_32

    United Filters UHF-30 Big Blue Stainless-Steel Filter Housing

    March 1, 2022
    United Filters UHF-30” Big Blue Stainless-Steel Housing accommodates a single DOE or SOE/222 4.5” X 30” filter cartridge. V-Band closure simplifies cartridge change-out. The 1...
    Product Background_27


    Applied Technology - The ReVolution Package combined with an Open-Air System is like nothing you have seen before. Using LOW-pressure filtration, The ReVolution Package continuously...
    Vertex_PT-4G_w_revtex (3)

    Green Machine RO

    July 31, 2020
    The Vertex GreenMachine under-sink, RO filter system uses the new Revtex 1 to 1 ratio, 50 gpd RO membrane to send less water to the drain. Only 1 gal of water is wasted for each...
    Thomas PS 1801

    Pump Control

    The Model 1801 pump control is a simple, logical safety device designed and developed for the water treatment industry. It is used in conjunction with chemical feed pumps to turn...

    Arrow Industries Faucets

    Jan. 23, 2020
    Arrow Industries offers an assortment of designer faucets with or without air gaps. Its faucets are available in different finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed...

    Commercial Water Softener

    March 27, 2019
    The 105 MTS Series softener is ideal for commercial customers who are looking for a reliable and efficient conditioning system with low initial investment and room to grow. The...

    Laundry System

    Aug. 2, 2018
    The Oxidize-IT detergent-less laundry system is a U.S.-made product backed with a five-year warranty. It activates by injecting ozone into cold water, which opens the pores and...
    KDF PS 55 85

    Process Media

    Patented KDF 55 and KDF 85 process media provides an effective means of removing lead from water in point-of-entry or point-of-use applications. High-purity formulations of copper...