CA water company receives $25M in distribution improvements

CA's Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company selected ID Modeling to evaluate transmission main capacity, develop a prioritized improvement plan, and optimize inter-zone operations between storage facilities.

Nov. 15, 2013 -- The Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company (Company) in Apple Valley, Calif., recently selected a modeling company to evaluate transmission main capacity, develop a prioritized improvement plan, and optimize inter-zone operations between storage facilities.

IDModeling, Inc. (IDM) Professional Services carried out the assessment, and multi-million dollar planning and operational decisions were evaluated using the Company's updated and validated water distribution system model. Company personnel were confident in basing significant capital expense decisions on hydraulic model results. The model was also used to evaluate complex hydraulics between two sets of storage facilities within the same zone, providing more confidence to improve daily operational expenditures.

"With this planning study, we were able to prioritize our short term replacement of aging pipes with coordinated transmission main improvements," said Rick Dalton, Corporate Chief Engineer. "IDModeling provided the Company with excellent asset management competencies to support their expertise in water distribution system modeling. The IDModeling team delivered what they promised."

This planning and operational study used the Company's current hydraulic model to evaluate the distribution system hydraulics. Various alternatives were investigated with the Company's engineering operations personnel. Long-term improvements were developed for the transmission system, and prioritized near-term improvements were identified based on hydraulic impact, in coordination with pipeline replacements. The Transmission Main Study allows AVRWC to address these sometimes competing needs in a coordinated and cost-effective manner.

The Company needed to evaluate the need for new transmission main backbone piping to efficiently convey water across its system for future growth, while improving daily operations. Future planned growth did not have access to groundwater with acceptable water quality, requiring transmission main piping to transport water from an acceptable source of supply to the expected demand. Additionally, system pumping needed to be optimized for improved operating pressures, energy efficiency, and water circulation system-wide.

About IDModeling, Inc.

IDModeling is a team of water industry veterans delivering solutions to empower the flow of water, information and communication for the global water industry. The Company leverages hydraulic models with asset management software to upgrade, maintain and operate infrastructure assets; reduce energy usage and water loss; and comply with environmental, health and safety regulations. To learn more about IDModeling and Sedarū, please visit, or

About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, CA

The AVRWC is located in the 'High Desert' north of Los Angeles. The Company serves a population of more than 65,000 people within the Town of Apple Valley and San Bernardino County. AVRWC's potable water supply is from wells. Water distribution is provided through nearly 500 miles of pipelines and fourteen active pressure zones.


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