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Photo by Joe Bailey, courtesy Salinity Solutions.
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Water Reuse

Jacobs to manage IEUA recycled water program expansion

Aug. 14, 2023
The major regional water management program includes an advanced water purification facility to produce up to 15,000 acre feet of purified water for indirect potable reuse using...
Photo by Julius Schlosburg, courtesy University of Arizona.
Andrea Achilli is a principal investigator on a project that aims to improve water security and water reuse methods in the arid southwestern United States.
Water Reuse

Southwestern universities receive $12M to launch Consortium for Potable Water Reuse

July 20, 2023
The Universities of Arizona, Southern California and Nevada received a total of $12 million to launch a consortium to advance water treatment technologies and make water reuse...
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Water Reuse

Groundbreaking held for Mustang Ridge, Texas water resource recovery facility

June 26, 2023
A new membrane bioreactor facility is expected to be operational in seven to nine months, with potable water available in 12 to 14 months.
Photo courtesy Palmdale Water District.
Pwd Release

Stantec partners with Capture6 for novel brine management technology

May 29, 2023
Demonstrated for a potable reuse program for Palmdale Water District in California, the technology uses a chemical produced from reverse osmosis brine to extract carbon dioxide...
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Haley Falconer City Of Boise Equitable Approach To Water Reuse
Water Utility Management

Keeping water local through Boise's recycled water program

May 19, 2023
Haley Falconer, environmental manager for the city of Boise, Idaho, discusses the city's recycled water program.