Request for proposals now available for 11 new WRF research projects

March 30, 2015
The Water Research Foundation has announced that requests for proposals are now available for 11 new research projects funded under the Focus Area Research Program. Two additional RFPs are also available for projects under the Emerging Opportunities Research Program.

DENVER, CO, March 30, 2015 -- Today, the Water Research Foundation (WRF) announced that requests for proposals (RFPs) are now available for 11 new research projects funded under the Focus Area Research Program. Two additional RFPs are also available for projects under the Emerging Opportunities Research Program (see "WRF commits $4.37M in funding for innovative research efforts in 2015").

In addition, WRF subscribers are encouraged to participate in WRF research projects by volunteering to serve at a test facility, which may include providing water samples, responding to surveys, loaning equipment, or sharing staff expertise. Participating utilities gain firsthand information about the study and benefit from working with researchers and other experts from the water community.

Below is the complete list of projects for which WRF is seeking proposals:

Focus Area Research Program

1.Defining Attributes & Demonstrating Benefits of Intelligent Distribution Systems (new focus area)

  • Project #4614: Focus Area Development Workshop - Defining Attributes & Demonstrating Benefits of Intelligent Distribution Systems

2.Integrated Water Management: Planning for Future Water Supplies

  • Project #4615: Framework for Evaluating Alternative Water Supplies: Balancing Cost with Reliability, Resilience & Sustainability

3.Contaminants of Emerging Concern & Risk Communication: Developing Core Messages & Engaging Critical Stakeholders

4.Water Utility Finances: Best Practices for Setting Rates, Financing Capital Improvements & Achieving Stakeholder Support

5.Water Utility Infrastructure: Applying Risk Management Principles & Innovative Technologies to Effectively Manage Deteriorating Infrastructure

  • Project #4618: Retrofit & Management of Metallic Pipe with Cathodic Protection: Guidance Document on Technical Feasibility & Economic Value
  • Project #4624: High Consequence Isolation Valve Placement & Operation for Effective Risk Management of Pipe Failure

6.Water Demand: Improving the Effectiveness of Forecasts & Management

  • Project #4619: Developing Water Use Metrics & Class Characterization for Categories in the CII Sector

7.Developing Tools & Strategies for Improved Water Utility Energy Efficiency & Integrated Water-Energy Planning

  • Project #4621: Performance Benchmarking of Pumps & Pumping Systems for Drinking Water Utilities

8.Biofiltration: Defining Benefits & Developing Utility Guidance

  • Project #4620: Practical Monitoring Tools for the Biological Processes in Biofiltration

9.NDMA & Other Nitrosamines: Precursor Control, Treatment Practices & Distribution System Operations to Achieve Regulatory Compliance

  • Project #4622: Understanding the Source & Fate of Polymer-Derived Nitrosamine Precursors

Emerging Opportunities Research Program

  • Project #4601: Innovative Preparedness & Response Practices to Support Water System Resilience
  • Project #4606: Research Plan for Management of Emerging Pathogens in Distribution Systems & Premise Plumbing

Researchers interested in submitting proposals should visit the WRF website for project details and submission process guidelines -- each project will have its own unique criteria and submission deadline. Proposals for Focus Area projects will be accepted via the WRF online proposal submission system. Applicants must comply with WRF's standards for administrative, cost and audit compliance. These standards are included in WRF's "Guidelines for Focus Area Program Proposals."

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About the Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation is an internationally recognized leader in sponsoring research that supports the water community in holistically and cooperatively managing water from all sources to meet social, environmental, and economic needs. WRF’s research provides reliable and relevant solutions to the most critical challenges facing the water community today and into the future. Founded in 1966, WRF is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization that has sponsored nearly 1,500 research projects and serves more than 1,000 subscribing organizations. For more information, visit


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