Drinking water project helps Spanish firm Acciona enter Canadian market

Feb. 8, 2016
Spanish engineering firm Acciona Agua ACCIONA has entered the Canadian water and wastewater treatment market with a CAD217 million (US$155.9m) drinking water contract...

Spanish engineering firm Acciona Agua has entered the Canadian water and wastewater treatment market with a CAD217 million (US$155.9m) drinking water contract.

The design, construction, operation, rehabilitation and financing contract will cover a drinking water treatment plant and a water storage facility in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The project, which the company will carry out with Brookfield Financial & North American Contractors (NAC), involves the renewal of part of the water distribution system in the city.

This includes a drinking water plant with a capacity of 75,000 m3/day and storage capacity of 33,000 m3.

The contract also covers improvements to the existing water distribution, disinfection and pumping systems, including the replacement of 20 kilometers of piping and a further 10 kilometers of pipe rehabilitation.

The project is part of the Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project (SCDWP) that Saint John is carrying out to guarantee access to quality drinking water for homes and businesses in the area.

Accionahas been involved with civil infrastructure and building projects across Canada since 2001 but this is the first for water.

Across the Americas, the company is responsible for four desalination and 10 wastewater projects (read WWi article).


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