SUEZ to expand Medan drinking water plant in Indonesia

Feb. 16, 2018
PDAM Tirtanadi has been awarded a €191 million contract to SUEZ to expand the Medan drinking water production plant...

MEDAN, Indonesia - PDAM Tirtanadi, the Water Corporation of the Province of North Sumatra has awarded SUEZ acontract for the extension of the drinking water production plant in Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia.

The extension of this BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) contract will be for a period of 25 years and is worth €191 million, including the funding, the building, the operation and the transfer of two additional water production units for the Medan plant.

This project will improve access to drinking water for the fast-growing population of the city of Medan and will contribute to local authorities’ goal of supplying more than 84 percent of the population with drinking water by 2020, as compared with 73.2 percent today.

In 2001, SUEZ finalized the first phase of the Medan drinking water production plant building, which the group has been operating since.

With a production capacity of 43,200 m3/day, this plant supplies drinking water to 150,000 inhabitants of the North Sumatra Province capital. The extension project of this plant will bring production up to 77,760 m3 /day.

The contract includes the funding and the installation of two degremont® compact drinking water production units (UCD®). The engineering and construction period for these units will end in 2020 and will be followed by a 25-year operating period.

Since 1953, SUEZ has built over 150 water production and sanitation plants in Indonesia. The group currently operates water production plants and provides drinking water services to the inhabitants of Medan (Sumatra) and Semarang (Java).


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