WaterWorld's top 10 videos of 2023

Dec. 28, 2023
WaterWorld's top videos from 2023 covered everything from utility communications to drinking water treatment.

While 2023 was a major year for news in the water sector, how did WaterWorld cover it through video content?

Our top 10 videos of 2023 covered everything from algae mitigation to public communications:

1. Syracuse Water saves costs with ultrasonic technology

Syracuse Water Department had used copper sulfate to mitigate its reservoir’s algae problems — until new ultrasonic technology showed promise in reducing operational expenses to address the issue.

2. Addressing groundwater PFAS contamination at the regional scale

When the Water Replenishment District of Southern California estimated the 98 drinking water wells were impacted by high concentrations of PFAS, it took a multi-faceted approach to solve the problem.

3. How Build America, Buy America has been affecting the water sector

How has Build America, Buy America (BABA) impacted the water sector and new infrastructure projects? In mid-2023, T.J. Stroebl discusses BABA’s impacts on projects.

4. How smaller systems can prepare for EPA’s LSL Inventory Deadline

Kristy McGrath, vice president of sales at BlueConduit, explains the company’s partnership with Esri and EPA’s lead service line inventory deadline.

5. Ongoing drought communication for utilities

The American Water Works Association guidebook, “Designing and Evaluating Effective and Ongoing Drought Communication” provides an extensive review of drought communication strategies.

6. What the proposed Water Quality Report changes could mean for utilities

In March of 2023, the U.S. EPA had proposed a rulemaking to bring greater requirements for community water systems’ Consumer Confidence Reports. This video interview dives into the rulemaking and what it could mean for public relations.

7. Early planning ensures reliable drinking water in drought conditions

Phoenix, Arizona’s preparation for drought conditions helped to develop a conveyance system early to transmit water between the city’s two water supply systems.

8. The costs behind PFAS treatment for drinking water

Andrew Nishihara, civil engineer at Stantec, explains the costs behind PFAS treatment, the water sector’s different estimates on national treatment costs and how utilities have adapted economically to the added treatment requirements.

9. Using digital twin technology in Texas’s NEWPP expansion

The $1.765 billion expansion project for the Northeast Water Purification Plant uses digital twin technology to model the plant’s entire treatment processing, helping to predict operational parameters and plan for hypothetical scenarios.

10. What to consider for the coming Lead and Copper Rule Improvements

With an approaching Lead Service Line inventory deadline and plans to develop the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements, here are what utilities should consider when finishing their Lead Service Line Inventories.

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