New partnership to provide liquid handling, portable cofferdam solutions

Rain for Rent and Portadam have merged industry-leading expertise and resources to deliver optimal performance of cofferdam dewatering.

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BAKERSFIELD, CA, April 4, 2013 -- In a partnership dedicated to temporary cofferdam dewatering on a wide variety of jobsites, including construction, remediation, rehabilitation, flood protection and in-water inspection, Rain for Rent and Portadam have merged industry-leading expertise and operational resources to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Known for its full service approach, Rain for Rent addresses liquid handling challenges -- both planned and unplanned -- across multiple industries. Using "Liquid IngenuityTM," the company puts innovation to work through problem-solving expertise bundled with technology, services and products -- pumps, tanks, filtration, piping and spillguards -- that ensure safe, cost effective and complete solutions.

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Versatile and portable, Portadam is a temporary cofferdam, water diversion or fluid retention system for use in open water up to 12 feet deep. With a freestanding structure that adapts to almost any environment, its non-invasive properties make it an environmentally-attractive option that delivers dry conditions without the need for costly excavation, fill or equipment.

"Together we deliver a shared commitment to job safety and performance and the operational efficiency realized from joint planning and logistics," said Jay Carlyn, Vice President National Accounts, Rain for Rent. "The biggest benefit for our customers is a single trusted source for their temporary cofferdam dewatering needs."

In addition to breadth of expertise and services, The Rain for Rent/Portadam union guarantees coast-to-coast coverage. "With over 70 combined locations across the U.S. and Canada, we can leverage our national knowledge base through regional support and services," said Bob Gatta, Chief Executive Officer, Portadam.

The partners' combined resources and rapid response times have come to the rescue repeatedly when deteriorating site conditions threaten the completion of a project. A pipeline contractor realized $500,000 savings in pumping costs when unstable river waters were efficiently contained and bypassed. A $51 million bridge project was kept on track through a four-phase dewatering and dam diversion applied to each of the pilings across a river.

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About Rain for Rent

Since 1934, Rain for Rent has been setting the standard with industry-leading liquid handling solutions that address the needs of a broad range of industries and applications. With over 65 locations in the U.S. and Canada to provide local support, Rain for Rent delivers proven results through Liquid Ingenuity, an approach that puts expertise and innovation to work with technology, products and integrated services.

About Portadam

For thirty years, Portadam has provided the responsible solution for any cofferdam and water storage needs. The Portadam system creates temporary, portable cofferdams for use in construction and above-ground impoundments for natural gas fracking water storage and retention. Additional Portadam temporary cofferdam uses include property flood protection, flood barriers, and inspection projects in rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, and other retaining areas.


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