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  • Volume 39, Issue 4, July/August 2023
  • Volume 39, Issue 4, July/August 2023

    Climate change will impact the amount of useable freshwater available, while population growth will also significantly increase freshwater demand.
    Smart Water Utility

    How digital analytics can help locate and detect leaks

    Aug. 19, 2023
    With a projected increases in water demand, it is important to take advantage of the availability of inexpensive computing power and measurement databases to monitor metering ...
    Photos courtesy Central Arkansas Water.
    Vessel the leak detection dog

    Vessel the leak detection dog

    July 17, 2023
    Rescued as a puppy, Vessel the leak detection dog excelled at training to be a service animal to inmates in prison, but then her true calling was discovered, and her life as a...
    Images courtesy of the City of Saline
    Today, every Public Works Department employee at the City of Saline can view digital, accurate maps of the city’s water and wastewater systems using an ArcGIS Online web map viewer like this one.

    Forward-thinking municipality implements high-accuracy maps for program management

    July 17, 2023
    The City of Saline serves more than 8,000 residents with water, wastewater and stormwater utilities. Saline’s systems have their roots in assets installed more than 100 years ...


    July 17, 2023
    As I settle into my role within the water industry, I often find myself forming opinions stemming from the continuous shock of the complexity in the water process. My natural ...
    Photo courtesy Xylem.
    Sensus technology a Xylem brand

    Pennsylvania utility makes transformative progress through acoustic monitoring

    July 17, 2023
    Acoustic monitoring helps save money and manpower with leak detection capabilities where there is a lot of ground to cover, and expedient detection operations demand that monitoring...
    Photo 37290497 © Chuyu | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 37290497
    Water Utility Management

    Cybersecurity for small water systems

    July 14, 2023
    Small water utilities are prime targets for cyber attacks, but the National Cyber-Informed Engineering Strategy's protections may help.

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    Image courtesy Energy Recovery Inc.
    Desalination can function as a critical tool in a diverse drought mitigation strategy to reduce the risk and the cost of a water emergency.

    Is seawater desalination right for California?

    June 29, 2023
    With an unclear future for the state's freshwater sources, California's interest in seawater desalination continues to grow.