The Future of Water: Freya Unites Human Expertise with AI | QuickChat

Jan. 24, 2024
In this QuickChat video Mandy Crispin (editor-in-chief of WaterWorld) and Chris MacNeel (Chief Operating Officer of Freya Systems) discuss AI.

In this video, Mandy Crispin, Editor-in-Chief of WaterWorld, and Chris MacNeel, Chief Operating Officer of Freya Systems, explore the various types of artificial intelligence (AI) and their impact on operations. The video emphasizes the importance of developing an AI strategy to guide goals in predictive maintenance, process optimization, and efficiency enhancement. Crispin and MacNeel discuss why it's crucial to start implementing AI solutions right now.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • What is Freya's main focus in business? | 0:19
  • How do you mitigate clients' AI fears? | 0:40
  • How do you help clients understand the transformative power of AI by leveraging data? | 2:24
  • Why is it important for the water and wastewater industries not only to embrace but also to actively seek out AI and advanced data science projects?  | 6:37 
  •  Outro | 8:13
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